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The online applications below allow you to make payment by credit card. All major credit cards are accepted.

Site Evaluation and Permit for Sewage Disposal System and/or Well

In order to install a wastewater treatment system (drainfield) or water supply system (well) on your property, you must first submit an application to the Ingham County Health Department.

Applications that are mailed MUST include payment. Your application WILL NOT be processed until payment is made.

Online Application
Property Sale Inspection and Evaluation

 Residential property containing an Onsite Water and/or Sewage Treatment System must be inspected and evaluated prior to sale.

To have the Ingham County Health Department perform the inspection, fill out this form:
     Property Sale Inspection and Evaluation Request Form

To have a private, certified inspector perform the inspection, see this list:
     List of Certified Inspectors

Other Fee Payments
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